Community Development

DMII matches students and recent graduates with many different companies and projects in the community. Many students are placed in internships before graduation which gives them a smooth transition info the workforce. Companies DMII students have worked with include: Moonbot Studios, Sway Box Studios, Planet Aqua Group, Shreveport Aquarium, Somdal Associates Architects, Ingels Info Security, Music Mountain, Sound Fighter Systems, and CRM Studios Dallas.
DMII alumni have worked on projects for the Shreveport Aquarium, including creating a digital display that resides at the Shreveport airport. They created the whole environment of this virtual fish tank, modeling, lighting, texturing, and animating-perfecting the look and feel of the aquarium. You can see a video that describes this display here.

The DMII works with with the Louisiana Film Prize film makers, an organization that hosts a short narrative film competition in the Shreveport and Bossier City area. DMII has engaged on filmmaker’s projects with elements like visual effects, title sequencing and finishing.

  • Teaming up with a DMII graduate means not only working with someone who is highly skilled, but working with a partner who is supported with access to the digital resources of the DMII’s powerful network, hardware and digital assets.
  • Competitive businesses need skilled digital media talent to keep their edge.
  • The DMII has unmatched digital resources and highly trained graduates.
  • DMII operates the Flex Lab model to assist graduates and companies