Animation,Visual Effects, and Interactive Content

1-Year Program : 1030 Hours

The Digital Media Institute’s Visual Effects and Interactive Content Program is designed for students interested in digital content for film, television, and more. AVEI is an intensive one-year, full-time program that will teaches students to create advanced digital media content, including 3D and 2D graphics. Industry veteran instructors teach 3D modeling, texturing, animation, motion capture, digital cinema technology, virtual reality and augmented reality content, digital compositing, and editing on the same state-of-the-art technology used in major studios.

AVEI is divided into two terms, 2D and 3D. The 2D components of the program include compositing, rotoscoping, match moving and 3D integration and a final 2D project. The 3D components include 3D modeling, lighting, game assets, animation, motion capture, and a 3D final project. Each final project is six weeks and 150 hours as students team up to make a short film utilizing a workflow that simulates a studio environment. These projects simulate the industry as students work together to make content that replicates the workflow found in a studio environment. These group projects along with individual projects throughout the year will be impressive material for graduates to show off their skills to employers Students can enter the AVEI program at the beginning of either session.

This program currently runs 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. The program includes 1,030 hours of instruction, and attendance is mandatory. Students who complete the program will take a demo reel and their group projects with them upon graduation to showcase their work for prospective employers.

Gainful Employment

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3D Modeling & Animation

3D modeling and animation is the creation of computer-generated (CG) content for film, television, and interactive platforms such as games, VR and AR.

Visual Effects

Visual Effects is the art of digitally creating and enhancing moving images for film, television, and interactive platforms, the approach can be either with compositing or CG tools.

Careers in 3D

3D Modeler

3D modelers create the geometric structure of what we see on screen. The modeler creates organic characters and inorganic environments for video games, VR, AR and movies as well as images and modeling for websites, still CGI rendering, animation, film effects, simulations, broadcast design, special effects, characters and props for film, and television effects. These multi-talented professionals also create images/models for geologists, architects, scientists, engineers, healthcare agencies, and more.


3D animators are responsible for creating movement in film, television, and game development. Animators bring life to characters and help tell stories through traditional key frame methods, and employ advanced methods including motion capture and simulation.

Interactive Content Designer

Interactive Content designers will often work closely with other members of a team to create content for video games for computers and video game consoles. With emergent interactive fields like Virtual reality and Augmented reality, the demand for content designers is growing.

Careers in 2D

CG Generalist

The CG Generalist has all the basic skills to complete a content driven project, from 3D modeling, texturing, animation to lighting, shading and rendering through finial compositing. 3D/2D generalists are the utility players of the computer graphics world providing projects and productions with the broad skills to deliver quality content.

Motion Graphic Designer

The Motion Graphics Designer combines both 2D and 3D skills along with a strong motion design sensibility to create successful branding for a client. A motion graphic designer works on a variety of products and activities, such as websites, advertising, computer games, exhibitions and displays, as well as corporate communications..


The Compositor brings it all together; combining, integrating and retouching motion images for a variety of media. Some compositors focus their talents in film, television and streaming content enhancing or adding in CGI visual effects. Others specialize in rotoscoping, 2d/3D tracking for broad content areas including Stereoscopic conversion. Skilled compositing artists are always in demand, and often those that have a blend of both technical skill and the eye of an accomplished artist are highly successful..

What our students say about us

If you are tired of searching trade school and community colleges and universities for the right fit, we welcome you to DMI. Just ask AVEI graduate Cameron N.


“I’ve been to a trade school and a community college, both with my ambition to animate and design,” he said, “but their diplomas and degrees were meaningless without the intense, hands on training that I honestly needed to excel. DMI was what truly got my career started in the end.”

Becca T. 2018 AVEI graduate
“I feel the training is better than any other college that offers VFX and animation around here.  While some may teach only some programs, DMI covers a bit of everything.  They are always researching the top-of-the-line programs, so that students will know some of what to expect in the workforce.  DMI is always keeping their ears open for what is coming to the area, and what could benefit their students. The Instructors and Staff have worked in big studios, therefore they are able to connect with industry and create more opportunities for grads.”