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DMII is committed to equal access for all students and to providing an environment in which learning is done in a comfortable and welcoming space. If you have any conditions you would like to voluntarily disclose that you think may inhibit your ability to participate in the program, please list them below. DMII provides reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities. Students are not subject to any adverse treatment as a result of disclosing this information nor will we release any information without your consent.

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DMII offers day and night sessions which are both one year in length and students leave with extensive training in industry-standard programs and applications. 
Being highly trained in digital media is the equivalent of speaking a new and powerful language. It is the ability to communicate and translate ideas into images, turn skills into a career and unleash the potential of a creative mind.
An education at the Digital Media Institute is not just a chance to do something interesting, but an opportunity to dramatically affect the future.
Whether a potential student is looking for a new career, enhancing current job skills or seeking to be an entrepreneur, the intensive training model at the Digital Media Institute will help you get there.
Upon graduation, alumni will be fluent in language of digital media allowing them to enter the industry with market ready skills as well as the ability to leverage the valuable relationships with fellow alumni and connections made at the Digital Media Institute.
To learn more about DMII’s Non-Discriminatory Policy Click Here