What are our grads up to?

Being highly trained in digital media is the equivalent of speaking a new and powerful language. It is the ability to communicate and translate ideas into images, turn skills into a career and unleash the potential of a creative mind.

An education at the Digital Media Institute is not just a chance to do something interesting, but an opportunity to dramatically affect the future.

Whether a potential student is looking for a new career, enhancing current job skills or seeking to be an entrepreneur, the intensive training model at the Digital Media Institute will help you get there.

Upon graduation, alumni will be fluent in language of digital media allowing them to enter the industry with market ready skills as well as the ability to leverage the valuable relationships with fellow alumni and connections made at the Digital Media Institute.

Careers in Animation 3D Modeling Motion Graphics Interactive Content Design Advertising Animation 3D Modeling Motion Graphics Interactive Content Design Advertising

The Digital Media Institute’s Visual Effects and Interactive Content Program is designed for students interested in digital content for film, television, and more. AVEI is an intensive one-year, full-time program that will teaches students to create advanced digital media content, including 3D and 2D graphics. Industry veteran instructors teach 3D modeling, texturing, animation, motion capture, digital cinema technology, virtual reality and augmented reality content, digital compositing, and editing on the same state-of-the-art technology used in major studios.