Nsu referral

Welcome Northwestern University Alumni!

Welcome! DMI has partnered with NSU to bring a unique offer to the NSU community. 

This scholarship offer is a prequalifying scholarship of up to $6000 off the tuition of our programs that start this January 19,2020 .

DMI is nationally accredited, accepts title IV, now offers multiple delivery modes.  There has never been a better time to enroll at DMI.

Programs and January 2021 scholarships  :

AVEI – Animation visual effects and interactive content (one year certificate) prequalifying scholarship of up to $6000.

ISD – Interactive Software Development (one year certificate) prequalifying scholarship of up to $6000.

AD – Advertising Design (2 year Degree) – prequalifying scholarship of up to $3000 off a year for both years, up to $6000 total.

This limited-time scholarship code is also transferable to friends and family members of NSU alumni. The offer expires on January 19, 2021.

Enter your info and the referral code from the email provided to claim the scholarship and learn more now!

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