Financial Aid

Scholarships & Aid

To fulfill our mission DMII works with all candidate students to make financing and attending the school possible, regardless of their resources, through a combination of  programs below.

Please note that aid is an individualized process and the best way to fully understand your costs and the programs that are best suited to your needs is to apply for aid and have a consultation with our staff after completing the FAFSA.   We encourage everyone to start with the FAFSA during the application process at DMII.


Federal Aid Programs: The Pell Grant and Federal Student Loans (Subsidized, Unsubsidized and PLUS)  via the FAFSA application process.

State Aid: Tops Tech Program  (A Louisiana State scholarship that you may have qualified for) .

The GI Bill: DMII is Authorized to accept the GI Bill and associated family benefits.

Internal Merit Scholarships:

Animation, Visual Effects & Interactive Content (AVEI) Creative Excellence Scholarship:  To qualify, prospective students will need to submit 10-15 pieces of personal creative artwork. This work can be drawings and/or examples of traditional or digital animation, photography, graphic design, film-making or other creative digital media. For tips on submitting your portfolio, please contact us at   

Interactive Software Development (ISD) Technical Excellence Scholarship: To qualify, students must submit at      least 5 examples of original software code. They can be examples from previous software development courses or    working examples of game prototypes. Key languages include: C, C#, C++ , Java, Java Script, etc. For tips on              submitting your portfolio, please contact us at

Internal Need Based Aid: DMII offers campus need-based aid as part of our aid process.                                             

Private Scholarships: DMII may be able to receive any private scholarships that a student may have, please ask us for details.

Private Student Loans: Private loans can help finance your education at DMII and can be combined with other aid options.

Campus Based Payment Plans: Take any balance with the school and pay it monthly while attending interest free.  A small fee does apply.

For any additional question regarding Financial Aid please contact Elizabeth Simons at 318-213-0164 or

Loan Information

DMII works with 3 different vendors for student loans:


  1. The US Department of Education-to apply for a federal loan, please visit DMII’s school code is 042605. You must enter us as a school in order for us to receive your information.
  2. ANECA Federal Credit Union-Please click here for more information 
  3. Sallie Mae-Please click here for more information 
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Salary Information

Multimedia Artist and Animator

$75,630 is the annual average wage of Multimedia Artists and Animators working in the motion picture and video industries. Theses statistics are from a 2016 US Bureau of Labor report.*

These statistics are national averages and can vary based on many factors such as location. Students should do their own research about their intended market and field.

Computer Developers

$85,680 is the annual average wage of Computer Programmers working in the computer system design and related services industries. Theses statistics are from a 2016 US Bureau of Labor report.**

  * Source ** Source