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Our Programs

Digital Animation & VFX is a one-year, full-time program taught by industry-veteran instructors on the same state-of-the-art technology used by major film and game studios. Completion of this certificate program will prepare students for entry into the digital media industry with a professional demo reel showcasing their skills in animation, visual effects, and interactive content. Our students find career paths in digital content for film, television, video games, and more! This program is offered online, day and night, and in-person at our Shreveport, LA campus.

The Game Development program an innovative one-year program to become a Unity Game engine developer! The core of this full-time curriculum is learning to program in C# and the Unity Game Engine. Students will work on projects that simulate working in the industry by creating and demonstrating functional games and apps in mobile, desktop, and browser environments!

Digital Marketing & Design is a two-year, associate degree program that covers the fundamentals of modern digital marketing. Completion of this degree program will prepare students for entry into the digital marketing industry with a professional portfolio and an associate degree while using advanced technology and real-world techniques.

Job placement services are extended to all graduates. Our overall job placement rate is 84%!

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