Parnters in education


DMI delivers advanced digital media training taught by industry professionals in a state-of-the-art environment for the enhancement of workforce development.

DMI’s Industry grade accelerated digital media programs at our Shreveport campus, and in January 2021, we will also have available online and night options for some programs. 

Programs and January 2021 scholarships  :

AVEI – Animation visual effects and interactive content (one year certificate) prequalifying scholarship of up to $6000.00

ISD – Interactive Software Development (one year certificate) prequalifying scholarship of up to $6000.000

AD – Advertising Design (2 year Degree) – prequalifying scholarship of up to $3000.00 off a year for both years, $6000.00 total.

NSU graduates can combine the prequalifying scholarship of up to $6000 with all other available programs at DMI, and for most students with bachelor’s degrees, offset the lack of PELL eligibility*.


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